Schumann Granite
"Exceptional Workmanship Meets Natural Beauty"

Nothing adds more beauty and value to your home than granite, and because no two pieces
are alike you can be assured that the piece you choose to have installed in your home are truly
one of a kind.  At Schumann Granite we want to turn your dreams of a beautiful kitchen or
bathroom into reality.  There is a common misconception about the cost of granite, that it is
too expensive or beyond most peoples budget, but that is simply not true.  While some
granites are higher in price than others, there are many granites that are about the same price
as solid surface. Granite is becoming a fixture in new homes and remodels  for it's resale value
and unmatched beauty.  Whether the look you are striving for is French Country or
Contemporary choosing the perfect stone is a key element.  
Although our name is Schumann Granite, we fabricate all natural stones including:

*Granite which is igneous rock is made of mica, feldspar and at least 20% quartz.  It scores 7
out of 10 on the Moh's Scale of Relative Hardness.  Perfect for kitchens.

*Marble is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of the mineral calcite.  It scores a 3 on the
Moh's Scale of Relative Hardness.  Best used in bathrooms or other low traffic areas.

*Travertine & Limestone are sedimentary stones with a 2.5 - 3.5 on the Moh's Scale of
Relative Hardness.  Best used in low traffic areas.

*Soapstone is a dense talc based stone impervious to most staining.  Suitable for kitchens.

Come by and visit our showroom, which features three kitchen displays, two vanity displays
and a fireplace display.  When visiting our showroom, you can view our sample wall that
encompasses 60 granite samples.  We also have a full slab yard with many new colors arriving
daily.  Let us help guide you towards a certain color you're looking for or a price range that
you'd like to stay in.

We would be happy to provide you with a free quote.  Simply drop off, fax, email or mail your
plans to us.  Please try to include a color, edge detail, back splash information and whether
your going to do an under mount or drop in sink.  We'll get back to you promptly with an
estimated cost.

To view an extensive range of colors please click
here to visit one of our suppliers.
Different Types of Surface Finishes

-Polished.  Most common finish.  Surface is smooth
and not very porous.
-Honed.  Flat to low sheen gloss.  Very smooth but
also very porous.  Not as vibrant as polished stone.
-Textured/Brushed.  A rough surface is developed
through intense heat and is then smoothed out with
an antiquing brush.

Choosing your Color
You may choose your stone color at either our
showroom or at one of our suppliers.  However,
if you are just starting out and would just like to
look at some samples you may visit our showroom
or simply go online.  When looking at samples
you will notice that some colors have a more
consistent or repetitive pattern while others will
have more color variation and a "flowing" pattern
or some "movement" to them.  We highly
recommend that the colors that have more
movement to them be viewed at one of our
suppliers so that you may see the whole slab.
Slab Selection
We encourage most customers to go and pick out their
slabs, especially those with a lot of variation in color and
movement.   Because no two slabs are exactly the same, it
is important to us to know that you have hand picked
your slabs.  
Create something beautiful...
We can sandblast your logo, ranch
brand or just about anything!!!